Anime adaptations have their way of expanding the visions of many mangaka artists. The world of anime has created so many worlds and within those worlds are some of the most extraordinary characters. Some argue that some of the characters that the manga writers create are just for their own perverse nature whereas some others state that these characters are necessary to promote a message that the writer wants to shine a spotlight on.

So what is the newest anime you should be binging right now? Beastars should be a definite addition to your long Netflix Watchlist. Beastars has quickly risen in popularity amongst the worldwide audience beyond general anime fans even and has risen to a high rank in the list of top animes as well. Audiences have been rating it quite positively too. Read further to know the story of this popular anime.

What is Beastars?

The world of civil humans living amongst wild animals is nowhere to be seen in this world of anthropomorphic animals living in a society with other beasts. The world has its own tensions and perils that the citizens must face. Predator and Prey cannot survive together and this sparks a mutual distrust between the herbivores and carnivores.

A humble wolf must overcome his anxiety and solve the mystery of a murder. The murder of the school going Alpaca, named Tem who is a part of the after-school drama club, has everyone panicking and more distrustful than before. The wolf is named Legoshi and we see him understanding his romantic feelings for Haru, a gentle dwarf rabbit.

The anime touches upon subjects such as prejudices, life in a totalitarian nightmare, and how one can discover oneself in this chaos. Their world like ours seems to be pretty harmonious on the surface, but what truths lie within the thinly-veiled natures of these animals.

What is the Plot of Beastars Seasons 2?

The first season of Beastars covered about 47 chapters from the manga and we can assume that the next season will cover roughly somewhere around the same amount as well.

The second season of Beastars will focus on Legoshi and Haru, the wolf and dwarf rabbit. Legoshi had finally admitted his feelings to Haru. We can expect the season will also shed some light on the even more intense training with Panda Gohin. Legoshi must eat meat to become more strong, but that is not an option for him anymore. This leaves him no choice but to train even harder.

When is Beastars Season 2 Releasing on Netflix?

The first season of Beastars released on 10th October of 2019 for broadcast in Japan only. Beastars made its way onto Netflix a few months later after it ended in December 2019. The episodes came on Netflix in March of 2020 and the manga is currently on its seventeenth volume. The anime’s English dub will probably take a few months for production after the first episode of the next season is released.

The second season of the Japanese Dubbed version is set to launch sometime in early 2021 so you can expect the English Dubbed Version to be available maybe Late 2021 on Netflix.

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