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Every season Because 2015, EA has released a new game from Swedish developer DICE from the Autumn, alternating between Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield releases. As it stands, 2020 seems as though it will be breaking from this pattern, but teases from the Battlefield Twitter accounts suggest a Battlefield 6 statement, or something similar, could be occurring sooner rather than later.

The teasers began last week in a movie released by Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags. The video was mostly only about Battlefield 5, but it ends with the camera zooming in on a pocket watch. This eccentric ending was recognized by Niklas Astrand of DICE, who responded, “tick tick tick…” This appears to suggest that the pocket watch is part of some kind of official Battlefield series tease, with some fans convinced that it is pointing into a Battlefield 6 announcement.

A mysterious Twitter account recently appeared online that’s just tweet is a weird, cryptic video that features a numerical code lately tweeted by a DICE programmer. The video also has audio, which, as discovered by fans on the internet, can be performed backward to match radio chatter from Battlefield 3. Precisely what this signifies is anybody’s guess. However, a few distinct possibilities come to mind.

Battlefield 6 Plot

One possibility is that DICE intends to utilize Battlefield 6 to release the Battlefield franchise back to a modern warfare setting. The latest Battlefield matches have been set during World War 1 and 2. However, the massive popularity of 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might have very well convinced DICE to change back to a modern setting for its next game.

Battlefield 6 Cast

Alternatively, this could be hinting in a Battlefield remaster of some type. Battlefield 3 was hugely popular back in the day, and with no new Battlefield match from DICE coming this season, perhaps EA plans on filling the game with a Battlefield 3 remake. Then again, if such a job exists, one could have imagined that the statement could have taken place throughout the EA Play occasion last summer.

Battlefield 6 Release Date

In case a Battlefield 6 announcement is happening soon, fans still should not expect the game to release until late 2021. As for where the information could occur, one possibility that comes to mind is the PS5 Showcase event on Wednesday, September 16. The PS5 Showcase will focus mostly on PS5 release title matches, but it will also show some games not expected to release until 2021. It’s entirely within the realm of chance that fans will get their first appearance at a proper next-gen Battlefield game at the event, but that remains to be seen.

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