Fans are watching the fourth season of Animal Kingdom. However, the craze is moving towards Animal Kingdom season 5 more. There is much to know about the upcoming season and you can read a compilation of that, here. There are some spoilers for those who are watching or are going to watch season 4.

Plot for Animal Kingdom Season 5

Janika Cody aka Smurf is not going to be in season five. If you are going to watch the fourth season, be ready. The family seems to be falling apart. The Cody family is not going to be together for some part of the next season. For Smurf, she was a character that was destined to go out. However, the studio allowed the fans to love her and gave her a huge platform.

Now that Smurf is out, the family is going to fall apart. There will be fights and mess that will take work to get out of. Paranoia could set in too. The boys of the family will become colder and more distant. Leaderships will be challenged and there will be fights. Maybe, in the future, the family will be back together but it is not going to happen for some time.

Cast for Animal Kingdom Season 5

With Smurf out, there is going to be some hate. However, Janika Cody could be that character whose destiny was to not be permanent. Nonetheless, the other members of the Cody family will return for a fifth season.

For example, Shawn Hatosy is coming back as Pope. Craig Cody and Deran Cody will be back too. The remaining cast will be in season 5 too. There will be some new cast members who could join the show. Also, if you do not know, Emily Deschanel who plays Angela, is a regular member of the show. She used to be a recurring member but she is now permanent.

Release Date for Animal Kingdom Season 5

Firstly, the show is seeing a delay in its release because of the ongoing pandemic. Secondly, the release was originally in somewhere in 2020. However, it will shift to 2021. There is no confusion because the crew will announce a release date soon. It might not be an exact release date but we will have a month or a year.

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