One of the biggest sportswear and athletic precision wear, Adidas has now released its own branded Face Masks in order to reduce the number of victims of the pandemic. Many companies have stepped up and done their parts to help prevent people prevent themselves. The face masks are an important necessity in order to be able to go outside and prevent getting the deadly virus. The masks also prevent sick people from spreading other cold-like symptoms to other people and lowering their immunity.

Adidas has made a large effort in producing these masks and is also working on the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge in an effort to contribute to the World Health Organization in fighting COVID-19. The Face Cover according to Adidas has been made from high-performance material that is recyclable. The material is also said to be free from Virgin Plastics. Adidas had previously made statements that they wanted to reduce the use of plastics and make products that could be recycled. This innovative step can be seen in their latest Face Mask as well.

The challenge itself is a charitable event that encompasses their belief in bringing everyone together and everyone pushing themselves to be better than before. Adidas wants to unite people and make them run globally. They want to track their activity from May 29th to June 7th and for every hour of tracked activity, Adidas will donate 1 Dollar to the Fund. They have a goal for One Million Hours of activity tracked.

The face masks are said to be soft and made of breathable material. The mask will also be comfortable for any activity as it adapts to one’s face. The face masks will be made available in the major markets first such as Europe, China, and North America. The face masks sales will also see contributions to other funds such as Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

Adidas even made face masks for essential workers and healthcare workers in the United States. They provided face shields to provinces in South Korea and also in Europe. They believe the world will soon be back to playing grounds and athletic stadiums dominating and maintaining their fitness lives.

Adidas wants people to be able to move out safely and live their lives to the fullest by indulging in sports and involving themselves in fitness. The masks reusability is an essential parameter to prevent waste and enables the masks to have a longer life than being just disposable quality type masks.

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