A seven years old girl and bus driver killed in a bus accident in Tennessee leaving other kids seriously injured

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A school bus accident near Tennessee left a seven years old girl and the bus driver dead and others injured. The other kids are badly injured. On Tuesday afternoon, the accident took place on the roads of Tennessee. This accident took place in the 7700 block of State Highway 58 in Meigs County. A utility truck was coming from the opposite side that suddenly lost control. As a result, it collided with the school bus that was coming from the bus lane.

The local police have not yet given out the name of the dead female student. Even the identity of the woman who was driving the bus. The accident took place all of a sudden and the injured students are already in critical condition.

More updates on the accident

The officials took the injured kids to the nearby Elanger Baroness Hospital in Chattanooga. Every kid got different degrees of injuries. Among the other kids, one of the boys is already in a severe critical condition. He is already fighting against life and death in the hospital bed. The ambulance took two other kids from the scene; however, the hospital did not confirm about their condition.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Lieutenant Bill Miller mentioned that the school bus was carrying 22 kids. During the crash, there 22 kids and the number of injured is still not clear. He added that a Service Electric Truck was coming from the north on Highway 58. During that time, the driver of the utility truck lost control and collided. The driver although managed to exit the roadway and turned right; however, he lost control.

The school bus driver did not have time to avoid the crash and went. The utility truck, later on, went into side-skid but he managed to avoid death. He is now in the hospital with minor injuries. Jackie Melton, Megs County Sheriff mentioned in the conference that the mishap is heartbreaking and the day was tough. He also added that the incident is extremely heartbreaking.

A spokesperson from Blood Assurance in Hamilton County who collects blood for hospitals said that it was a critical day. He added that due to the accident there was a critical requirement of blood. District Attorney Russell Johnson said that the investigation would continue regarding the accident. Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn Made a statement. She said that the accident has saddened her as well as the entire department.

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