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Nick Torres’ heart stopped beating on Tuesday, hours after his release from Texas Children’s hospital. Dr. Joseph Varon, a doctor at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, told some of the reporters that Nick expired at his family home at around 5:15 PM CT.

Nick Torres in the ICU

Dr. Varon said that they transported the baby from the hospital to his home safely. There he stayed for 2 hours until his heart rate began to slow down and ultimately stopped.


On September 30, doctors at the Texas Children’s hospital declared the 10-month old Torres brain dead. The family then filed an emergency appeal to a Texas court in order to force the hospital staff to keep Nick on a ventilator.


However, the court dismissed the lawsuit on Tuesday, when the hospital agreed to release Torres.


In a statement, the hospital said that they released the body to the child’s family with the authorization and approval of the Harris County Medical Examiner. They also said that they continue to do everything in their power to support the Torres family during these trying times.


In their appeal, Nick’s parents argued that he was alive since his heart without beating without any assistance. Kevin Acevedo, the family attorney, said in an earlier statement that since the baby’s heart was still beating, he was not fully brain dead.


Meanwhile, the hospital said that as per medical evaluations, there was a total cessation of brain activity. As per court documents, the child was dead based on the laws in the state of Texas.


Dr. Varon said that it was an emotional moment for all when Nick’s heart finally stopped beating. He said he called brought the family to the room as the child’s heart rate began to slow down. They all surrounded the baby and started praying for him.


The Harris County Medical Examiner sent a letter to the hospital that allowed them to release Nick to his parents. Both the parents and the lawyer representing them refused to make any further comments on the case.


Since September 24, the hospital was keeping Nick in intensive care. He was found lying in the bathtub unconscious. On September 27, the hospital performed the brain death exam, which yielded a positive result. There was no evidence that blood was flowing into his brain. They declared him dead on September 30.

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